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Belvita Leading Wellnesshotels South Tyrol

Holidays in South Tyrol

South Tyrol is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. Our Belvita wellnesshotel is the perfect choice for an unforgettable weekend. Quality is our most important promise. To maintain our good reputation, as one of the best hotels in Italy for spa and wellness experiences, we do regular quality checks under high standards. All of our offers are performed by professional trained staff.

One of the best South Tyrol luxury hotels

Well-being and the highest standard of service are just two things which belong to a felicitous holiday. Our South Tyrol luxury hotels are one of the most glamorous in the area. It even does not matter if you just want to enjoy yourself or experience one of our high-quality wellness offers. You can expect the perfect combination of luxurious hotels and high-quality wellness. Pleasant sauna facilities and modern pool areas will help you to dive into the world of Belvita Hotels. In addition to our high-quality wellness, all of our spa-offers only include products from the region. Therefore, it will be way easier to enjoy our hay baths and herb saunas even more. While relaxing, you can enjoy the beautiful mountain view of South Tyrol. Do not waste your time and feel free to request a stay at our Belvita hotel.

Wellness holidays in Italy

If you are looking for a hotel for wellness holidays, Belvita wellnesshotes is the best choice. The Belvita Wellnesshotel is also perfect for short trips. Give your body a break and take a week of work. We will give you the chance to design your wellness-weekend all on your own. Whatever you prefer, just try our large wellness and spa offer. Balance your body and mind and try one of the best hotels in Italy.

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