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Food Hopping Europe – a great food tour in Palermo

A food tour through Rome with special delights
As traveller it’s not easy to find the best restaurants and bars in a new town, but every region and city has own food specialities and traditions. Food Hopping is a great possibility to found the best food at your place. You can jump in the local culinary scene and enjoy new food-experiences without worries. Also an insider gives you a comprehensive overview about the best restaurants in your town.
A food tour in Malaga is a great experience
The food you can try is savour food like a multi-course meal and reach from appetizer to dessert. You taste authentic cuisine with surprising flavours the locals adore. Also you meet the locals, earn from food and drink specialists about their regional traditions and interact with the people of the neighbourhood. Another good reason for a food tour is, that you get to know the city without getting lost, as every tour is designed as a convenient round-trip. The leader tells you amusing anecdotes around the food you try, the city and their people.
A food tour in Frankfurt or in other European cities
Every Region has his own specialities. The food in Rome has consists of simple, clean ingredients and vary from quick lunch snacks to the traditional family feast on the weekend – but always best quality and full taste. In Napoli the pizza “Neopolitana” is very famous. In Germany the Christmas-markets with special delights are very popular. In all of this and other regions you can make a food tour.
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