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Food Hopping Italy – Italian culinary tours with amazing food and experiences

Local food and wine experts on your food tour

Food Hopping Italy takes you from one taste sensation to another. You will experience the highlights of the city with your food guide. We guarantee you will leave with the authentic taste of the region on your tongue because of the hidden romantic taverns or local food and wine experts we will show you.

Get to know the city and the lifestyle on your culinary tour

Why you should book a food hopping tour? First you will enjoy a multi-course meal in intervals. Which means you are served with appetizers, pasta, desserts and a drink on top. Most of our venues are hard to find without local knowledge. You will discover a lot of hidden treasures because you experience every meal in a different location. Food Hopping Italy also knows the people who can tell you local secrets and anecdotes about the food, the city and the locations. Besides we offer exciting experiences like a visit to the opera auditorium or a ride in an iconic Ape car.

Food tours with a huge culinary diversity

Possible food tours are in Sorrento, Taormina, Napoli, Palermo, Roma and Venezia. Each city has different highlights and food you need to taste. In Sorrento you will discover its culinary heart and soul. Taormina has a lot of secret hot spots with delightful food. The food in Napoli is very individual so there is a lot to discover. In Palermo are many regional variations so there is a huge culinary diversity. Choose your city and we will make sure you have a fantastic food tour!

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