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You want to make holidays in the best hotels in Italy? Keep in touch with us

Belvita speaks for high quality wellness hotels

What is so special about Belvita? With over 20 years of experience we are definitely one of the veterans in the health and lifestyle business. If you want to take a vacation to relax your mind, body and soul, you are with the right specialists. The best hotels in Italy are Belvita hotels and we will find the right one for your expectations. Wellness is our philosophy and our Belvita hotels are speaking for their self with excellent service and first class wellness. Whether you are looking for ski holidays, a romantic trip with your better half or want to be active on your vacation, we have the right hotels for an enjoyable stay in Italy.

Reasons why you should spend your ski holidays in northern Italy

Many people associate Italy only with summer, but no! Italy is a great experience all year round. In winter you can go skiing, get on your snowboard or go snow-shoe-hiking, sledging, winter hiking or many other things. Enjoy wintry temperatures under blue, often sunny skies. Mountains, covered in white snow, and the deep valleys invite for a ride while the sun is still shining so bright, you may want to carry shades to protect your eyes from the light reflection. That’s when the slopes get lively and people want to enjoy the snow and the unique landscape. The Dolomites are UNESCO World Nature Heritage that will blow your mind when you see it. After a day full of adventures you can relax taking a hay bath, enjoying a relaxing massage, or sweat in the sauna. Since golf has become more and more popular, also for the young generation, many people find a peace of mind and balance in playing golf. For our health conscious guest, we offer a sports and recreation on a high level standard. If you are interested in playing golf or just want to try out something new, you can find the booking information at our hotels.

Don’t miss any actions or special offers on our website – stay updated

All Information about special gift vouchers and deals you can find on our Website or on site at the wellness hotels. If you would like to give your loved ones an unforgettable experience, our hotel voucher is the right gift. See you soon, at one of our Belvita hotels.

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